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COVID-19 UPDATE:  SCI is open for business online. Naturally, we will not be available for face-to-face meetings and interviews until it is safe to do so again. During the lockdown period, you can contact us by email, phone and video link when necessary. Together we can get through this and bounce back even stronger. Please stay safe, be kind and look after each other.


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Welcome to SCI - Your specialist CA recruiter

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SCI is a premier recruitment and search consultancy. We are one of the leading specialist recruitment, search and talent sourcing firms in the chartered accounting sector and the wider Accounting & Finance area in New Zealand.

We are in the business of helping people and organisations reach their full business potential. To acheieve this, our firm develops and uses innovative methodologies, leading cutting-edge technology and new trends in the industry.  

Identifying and recruiting the right people is one of the most important factors directly affecting the overall success of any business organisation. Knowing where to find and how to attract the top professionals your organisation needs to achieve its operational and strategic goals is what SCI does best.

SCI is a leader in the professional and social media recruiting space in the chartered accounting and the wider accounting & finance areas. We manage one of the largest online professional networking groups for accounting professionals in New Zealand. Our international reach allows us to tap in to talent pools of countries of specific interest to our clients anywhere in the world. 

We work, often exclusively, with some of the leading accounting & finance professionals in New Zealand and overseas. Our consultancy has a range of exclusive and preferred supplier agreements with some of the leading chartered accounting firms and commercial organisations in New Zealand. SCI works with more than 180 employers in the chartered accounting and the wider commercial sectors.

While the largest share of our appointments is in Auckland, we work with employers and job seekers throughout New Zealand.  

In addition, SCI places an increasing number of accounting professionals at all levels in the wider Commercial sector. This trend is expected to continue in years to come.  

Give us a call to make time for a more personal introduction to our consultancy. We look forward to working with you and your organisation.

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17 March 2020

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